Team building

Nuuksio hostel and camping is offering unique team building programs.

Hiking, orienteering, canoeing, fishing and barbecuing all packed in one program that will bond your group and leave you with a lasting memories.

Hiking/Orienteering Tours

Kai, the owner of Nuuksio Hostel and Camping, is a  tourist/nature guide with more than 25 years of experience, that can take you to the best spots of the Nuuksio National Park and at the same time teach you about the history and nature of Finland, as well as some survival and orienteering techniques.

Berry picking, mushrooming, photo-tours are some of the activities that you can dive into guided by Kai.

From lake to lake, from trail to trail, you will find yourself on some amazing sites and landscapes.


At Nuuksio Hostel and Camping you can Enjoy a nice canoeing trip to the National park with our guide. We have 8 canoes and we´ll provide you all the equipment needed.

You´ll be taken by car or by foot to the best spots to start paddling in the beautiful Finnish lakes.

This activity costs 120€ per person (2 people); 100€ per person if 3 people and 80€/ person if   4 people or more.

It lasts for approximately 4 hours ( depending from the packet ) including transportation and safety explanations. All the participants take part of carrying the equipment.

We keep all the rights about changing the prices and timetables.


During your stay, you might want to have a relaxing day fishing in the lake; you can get a rod and a fishing line for free or go on a fishing tour with our guide, that will teach how to fish and how to prepare it for cooking: this costs 80€ per person and lasts 2-3 hours and at least 2 people. If there are more than 2 participants price will be reduced.

If you break the fishing equipment ( hook and line) it cost 10€ extra or you have to fix it your self.

Reel fishing is different program. Its possible also to have the fishnet even at the winter time. If you like to get known all about Finnish fishing styles and how many different ways to prepare the fish on open fire? Please ask about the details.

At the moment pond in the hostel is packed with fish. Fishing in the hostels pond is free, the only rule is that you must eat what you catch, there is no catch and release rule.

Tight lines:-)

Winter activités 

Maybe you heard already of the Finnish Winter and its unique and wonderful atmosphere.

At Nuuksio Hostel and Camping you can experience many Finnish activities during the long months of snow:

  Survival in the snow; our guide will take you to an open field and you`ll build with him an emergency   shelter (that most courageous people can use to stay overnight) for a snowstorm; you´ll also learn some orienteering and general survival skills (200€ approximately 4 hours, group activity, max. 10 person)

  Fishing in the frozen lake: you´ ll be drilling an hole in the middle of the lake and start fishing, like in the movies (60€ per person, approximately 3 hours)

  Trying all the systems to move in the snow kick-sledges, snowshoes and land-cross skiing (50€ per person, approximately whole day with your own)

  Winter Hiking (including snowshoes if it´s snowing, 50€ per person, approximately 2-3 hours with guide) Minimum two persons.

Nuuksio Hostel & Camping