Winter Activities

Maybe you heard already of the Finnish Winter and its unique and wonderful atmosphere.

At Nuuksio Hostel & Camping you can experience many Finnish activities during the long months of snow:

  • Survival in the snow; our guide will take you to an open field and you`ll build with him an emergency   shelter (that most courageous people can use to stay overnight) for a snowstorm; you´ll also learn some orienteering and general survival skills (200€ approximately 4 hours, group activity, max. 10 person)
  • Fishing in the frozen lake: you´ ll be drilling an hole in the middle of the lake and start fishing, like in the movies (60€ per person, approximately 3 hours)
  • Trying all the systems to move in the snow kick-sledges, snowshoes and land-cross skiing (50€ per person, approximately whole day with your own)
  • Winter Hiking (including snowshoes if it´s snowing, 50€ per person, approximately 2-3 hours with guide) Minimum two persons.

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